In 2018, on a Camping Holiday we had one of those “Lightbulb” moments. Andy had decided just as we were about to leave home to pack a projector, screen, some headphones and a few DVD’s.
“How do you fancy watching some films outside on a big screen while we’re away?” he said.
So, one evening we popped up the large screen, put our headphones so as not to disturb our neighbours, chose a DVD to play via the laptop and sat down with a glass of Wine to watch our chosen film
We loved it. It was truly a brilliant way to chill out in the evening.                 

Shepherds on Tour1

We received some fantastic feedback from fellow Campers walking past who thought it was a great idea and sitting there chatting afterwards Camping Cinema was born.
In fact we were so excited we spent the second week of our Holiday on the Campsite researching to find there was no one providing portable Cinema Experiences – an off the shelf on-the-go experience and so we registered our New Business.
We felt the trailing cables everywhere had to go, and the package needed to be self contained.
Six months later, lots of hard work and late nights and Camping Cinema was ready to Launch at the largest Camping Exhibition in the UK.