Why Buy a Package from Us?

Buying one of our Cinema Projection Packages is a significant investment and because this is a new Entertainment Revolution you want to know that the items you are buying will perform in exactly the way you need them to

Whatever your reason for buying one of our Packages, we know how important it is to make the right choice, and at Camping Cinema, we will help you choose the right Package for you


We have formed close working relationships with Projection Equipment Manufacturers, and continually research and test new products as they emerge


For example, all the Battery Powered Portable Projectors that we stock, must have the following attributes:-

You can be assured that the Equipment we supply is the best that we have found to date


We are always looking for ways to improve our equipment, and we welcome and value input from our Customers - Every idea is a good idea


Each item in Projection Kit is inspected and tested prior to shipping, we even make sure that every Projector is updated to the latest version of the Manufacturers Firmware


If you purchase from us, we will help you make the right choice for you and provide telephone support


You will have real people to help you, we feel that it is important to us that you are happy with your purchase


Customer Service

Customer service is our top priority, both before and after a sale.

Our Staff are thoroughly trained and knowledgeable about our Packages, and they’re always on hand, (at the end of a telephone too), to make sure you buy the right Package for you, that you receive your equipment in perfect condition, and to help you get up and running with your first Movie Night

Our goal is to ensure you feel so satisfied with our service that you want to recommend us to your friends and colleagues


Our recommendations are not governed by how much money we stand to make by selling to you. With Camping Cinema you just receive sound, honest advice and a Package that best fits your needs